Medicine Walks in the High Desert of Taos

Medicine Walks are a very different approach to hiking in nature. You will be shown how to walk with heightened senses and experience nature with the eyes and ears of the shaman. We will share in a small ceremony to ask for permission to collect medicine and to give thanks for what we take away.

We will collect "medicine"(medicine is anything that is empowering to an individual). In traditional ways, it could be herbs, rocks, bones, or any found object. It can also be a song or experience that happened during the walk. We will discuss what has been collected and what it means as "medicine". Everyone will also have two hours of solo time to reflect on the quietude of the desert or to journal thoughts, and experiences.

The healing attributes of the flora and fauna of the desert will be shared and how the indigenous people of this area used the plants, rocks, and animals. Interesting historical facts will be shared about those who traveled before us on the very land we now walk.

How to Schedule Your Medicine Walk

The Medicine Walks can be scheduled for groups or families by calling 575-770-0497 or email. A deposit is necessary and is not refundable except for bad weather. Walks will be cancelled if the weather is inclement. A list of items will be given after registration. The day event is approximately seven hours including travel time and can be scheduled any day. Cost depends on the number of people. Hiking is not strenuous, but the sun and wind should be respected with the proper attire.

Taos Desert Medicine Walk w/ Shamanic Teachings

1/2 Day $150.00 – 1 person, $200.00 – 2 people, $250.00 – 3 to 5 people. Please call for a group rate.

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