Wolf Walker Collection is a small business located in Taos, New Mexico.  We provide sacred herbs, essential oils, and ceremonial products, mostly grown and harvested by Native Americans and members of the Taos Pueblo in Taos, NM. We carry sacred herbs like white sage, desert sage, sweetgrass, salvia apiana, smudge sticks, and ceremonial items like cedar, palo santo sticks, dreamcatchers, metaphysical products, hydrosol, copal resin, abalone shells, wood carvings, books, and much more.   We supply Native American trading posts, bookstores, herbal and metaphysical shops, healers, and energy workers around the world, mostly in the US, Canada, and UK.

We are a GREEN business, we practice sustainable harvesting practices.  Our products are packaged with biodegradable, recycled paper. Our shipping boxes are recycled from community businesses in New Mexico.  Are products are Made in the USA and our sage, cedar, and sweetgrass is harvested by local Native Americans.

Wolf Walker Collection’s founder Wendy Whiteman published two books on sage and practiced spiritual healing medicine for 15 years.  We are continuing the ancient practice of using mother nature’s plants for physical and spiritual healing. Humans have depended on the medicine of the plant kingdom since the beginning of time. Sacred plants offer us sustenance, as food, relief from pain, and purification for ceremony.

We honor the plant kingdom by harvesting at appropriate times and in an ancient ceremonial way with gratitude and intention.  We harvest in a non-destructive manner so that our donor plants continue to live and reproduce naturally. Our products are produced regularly to ensure the freshest possible products, and we guarantee your satisfaction.


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