Harvesting Our Products

We are the exception to the rule in that many of our products are harvested here in New Mexico and processed her in the shop. We harvest year round, of the product are evergreen. Artemisia tridentata (sagebrush) is considered to be an evergreen so we can keep this in stock as a fresh product. Most of our sage bundles are harvested and rolled by our Taos Pueblo family. We then dry the bundles and package and ship here on the premise of the shop in Taos. We are mostly wholesale/distributors and ship worldwide. It is very important to us that our herbs/resins/woods are harvested with respect to the plant and surrounding area and in a sustainable manner.

Harvesting is a very time consuming and uncomfortable job. Sage, pinon, bear root, juniper, and other herbs are in the high mesa desert and the Rockies. It requires 4 wheel drive, a lot of walking in the heat, high altitude, and in the summer that are little bugs called no-see-ums that are big bitters!! It can take hours in the heat to find and cut these products. We then bring them home, clean, cut, roll and dry on the racks for about a week. After that, they are packaged when the orders come in. The price paid for a smudge stick will never compensate for the time and labor. People who do this work are in it for the love of the plants, the land, and the spiritual blessings. 

Being that we are dealing with wildcrafted herbs, we are at the mercy of nature. Too much sun, not enough sun, too much water, not enough water, too much wind, pollutants, can all affect the quality of the herbs. Years of drought can devastate a plant and it will require years for a plant to repopulate. This is why it is so important to harvest in a sustainable manner.

Drying racks for the sage sticks.

New Mexico is a state filled with wildlife and we cover mesas, valleys, & mountains. It is ever so important to be vigilant as we walk to look at the ground for reptiles and ahead of us for our much larger relations.

Bighorn sheep on the mesa of Taos

We also distill our own desert sage essential oil, cedar essential oil, and some white sage essential oil. This is done in August and September when the sage is blossoming. The oil is very pungent and medicinal.

Perfect for distilling essential oil…. August-September seeding.

Cedar, cleaned and ready for distillation.

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