A Scent for the Soul

The use of plant essential oils has been around for thousands of years. The oils came from the petals of flowers, leaves, roots, sap or resins, the skins of fruit, seeds, and nuts. Frankincense and myrrh were burnt during the plague to help stop the spread of the disease because of their antibacterial properties. Cleopatra was bathed in milk, honey, and rose petals to keep her skin young and beautiful. Many of us are very familiar with the commercial use of essential oils. We see them in many of our bath products and sold individually in herbal and health food stores. As an ingredient in hand lotions, facial creams, shampoos, fragrances, bath salts, lip balm, etc. they are added for both their aroma and for their chemical properties which are highly anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, & anti-viral. Essential oils have an effect on the emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual bodies. Some of the more common ones used are lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, orange, grapefruit, cedarwood, chamomile, lemon, rose, sandalwood, and frankincense.. Lavender has been known as the ultimate relaxer, soothing to the body and mind. Citruses are known to be pick- me- ups and stimulating to the body. Rosemary is used to stimulate a tired mind. Most people have used a single note at some time in their life. "Single" meaning one and "note" meaning the oil. All essential oils are referred to as "notes", being top, middle, or base notes. They are categorized like this to refer to their place in a blend and how quickly they diffuse when exposed to the air. A top note will be smelled immediately, but will diffuse quickly, leaving the middle notes to take over the more lingering aroma of the blend. Base notes tend to hold the blend together and may not be as noticeable to the untrained nose. Blending is truly an art form. A blender may be looking just for an aroma that is pleasing to the wearer or for a therapeutic blend that is meant to do something such as act as a sleeping aid. If you can do both, you are a good blender.

The highest use of pure essential oil blending is for the soul. Using pure essential oils on the level of the spiritual body is a new and exciting field for aromatherapists. The conscious and scientific application of oils for soul therapy has been missing due to the lack of a system. Many people have depended on their intuition in the use of essential oils and that is indeed a part of blending. But, if we can have a system as well as intuition we are playing with a full deck, so to speak. Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C., is the founder/teacher of Spiritual PhytoEssenceing which he designed following 25 years of research and clinical practice. His Spiritual PhytoEssencing™ is based upon a synthesis of his clinical experience using aromatherapy, herbology, physiology, anthroposophical medicine, classical homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and the Kabbalah. This work is about creating a blend of essential oils (usually about 25 single notes) which are formulated according to an in depth research of your personal signatures. He starts with an amnesis which is a one on one interview where you tell your life story which includes everything from family of origin information to illnesses, tendencies, habitual patterns, thoughts & feelings. The smallest piece of information can tell a lot, such as whether you prefer the mountains to the seashore. He takes this information and categorizes it under what we call rubrics. These rubrics are then matched up with the oils that are associated with that rubric. Dr. Berkowsky has written a materia medica for hundreds of plant oils from the common to the uncommon. His in depth study of each plant includes research into the physical, chemical & historical uses of plants, regional folklore, and archetypal symbols given to individual plants because of their soul properties. The blend is not based on the chemical properties or on creating a lovely aroma. At this level of blending, it is for the purpose of the soul.

The premise of using a soul blend is due to the unique synestry between the soul of a plant and the soul of the human. Both souls are represented in the material world by the fluids that run through their respective vehicles – essential oil and the blood. Evolution tells us that the human kingdom is the most evolved of the four kingdoms, however, esoteric philosophy tells us that the plant kingdom is evolving at a faster rate than the human kingdom. It bends towards "the light" for its sustenance and in this case light is read as God. In the study of the Seven Rays, 3 rays rule the plant kingdom while the human kingdom is ruled by just one- the 4th Ray. The purpose of a soul blend is to provide a focus of pure energy around which the soul can organize. Without the restrictions of the personality/ego, the soul can recognize itself naturally and restore its balance and connection to the infinite. When this happens there is the potential for true healing. Disease and ‘stuckness" are replaced by limitlessness. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophical medicine said, "matter is most spiritual in the perfume of the plant…when the spirit most closely approaches the physical earth, then we have the perception of fragrance."

In the teachings of the Tibetan master, Dhwal Kuhl, it is said that spirit is at its densest form when in matter and matter is in its highest form when in spirit. The Kabbalah teaches that while the taste of a fruit such as an orange nourishes a human being on a conscious level, the scent of its oi provides sustenance for one's spiritual dimension…the human soul contains plant, animal and human soul components. Each of us has the ability to relate to plant souls on a soul-to-soul level. Thus, an essential oil, the bonding medium for the soul of the plant, is uniquely suited to act as the physical entity that can facilitate an interface between plant and human souls.

A good blend should resonate with the soul print of a person and assist them in connecting with their deepest self. The blend is like the rainbow bridge or the antakarana that brings together the personality and the soul, infusing the two and bringing the individual into a state of soul-centeredness where the ego is now under the direction of the soul and not vice-versa. Once the soul threads are strongly anchored in the material body the individual can reweave the tapestry of his/her existence. The strength, courage, and imagination to bring resolution to areas of stuckness is forward moving. Instead of inertia, the soul is guided by its own wisdom to make new choices that reflect its wisdom. When one becomes aware of how to work directly at this soul level to become the manager and mediator of one's existence, this opens the gateway to living ones divinity and knowing ones purpose-serving God's will on Earth. Old habitual patterns from not only this lifetime but also previous lifetimes can drop away.

This soul level reorganization positively affects all levels of being as the true core resonates outward. Divine awareness manifests in daily life as divinely inspired action. As one begins to recreate their world from this limitless perspective, the need for a compensated self begins to fall a way and the gaps that have separated us from our true soul nature begin to close.

When an individual gets their personalized blend they use it for about a year. You are not looking for effects from the blend, as you would be from medications, herbs, or supplements because those items were not formulated for the soul. They affect the physical or emotional bodies, which are ruled by the five senses. The soul resides on the buddhic plane or the intuitive plane where the other lower five senses are not needed to make a "rational" decision. The soul has "knowings" that are not based on the intellect or the senses. The soul has access to a much higher truth and when it receives the truth reorganization happens on all levels. You, the ego personality, does nothing. (That is hard, as the ego wants to be in charge or demands proof from the five senses that something is happening). You will see over a year small changes that start to appear without you forcing a change. The true you starts to appear.

The plant kingdom is clearly a remarkable one, and as in all life, we are inextricably intertwined with it. We are dependent upon plants for our own physical survival, but that is not all. Our very souls are directly influenced by what we eat, smell, and surround ourselves with. It is not just our bodies and emotions that flourish in a beautiful garden filled with flowers, or in the fruit and vegetable section of a conscious organic market, Our soul is bending forward and taking a good long smell. The old saying, "take time to stop and smell the roses" isn't just for people in a hurry. We all could use some soul therapy from the rose!

For more information on essential oils, please contact Wendy Whiteman, Certified Aromatherapist and student of Dr. Berkowsky. 575-770-0497

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Carla Reta Lovelin
15.07 13:02

good morning. i have a renewed interest in PLANTS having just finished The Seed Keeper and starting Braiding Sweetgrass. i am interested
in including a personalized Soul Scent to my path. thank you for any assistance you can offer. i am known as “the nose” among family and
friends ; )

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