Sterling Silver Medicine Wheel Charm by WolfWalker Collection

Medicine Wheel Charm by WolfWalker Collection
Price: $29.00

Sterling silver with the colors of the four directions in enamel.

The Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop of Life is the symbol and teaching of the cycles of life that all people pass through: birth, life, death. All indigenous people have an understanding of life based upon their medicine wheel. Their teachings vary slightly such as the colors of the directions or the positions of the colors. Some of the Lakota People use yellow in the East, white in the South, black in the West, & red in the North.

All Medicine Wheels have teachings that help us with our challenges physically, emotional, mentally, & spiritually. The teachings give us an understanding of why we are here, when to act, who is helping us, etc. All wheels honor the 4 directions and the aspects of those four directions such as lessons of clarity coming from the East, lessons of faith from the South, introspection from the West, & wisdom of the white hairs from the North. To walk your life according to the Medicine Wheel gives you a map that creates balance and harmony within the chaos of life’s challenges.