Healing Taos Retreats

Wolfwalker Retreats are spiritual healing retreats in a beautiful desert town of Taos, New Mexico. Retreats are ongoing and flexible retreats, so please email for reservations and scheduling. Details of our retreats follow, beginning with the newest. We also offer personal consultations.

About Taos

Taos, New Mexico is a small, high desert town that sits at the feet of the Sangre De Christo mountains, which tower over the town at 13,000 feet. Temperatures can range from 0 to 100 degrees depending on the season. The outdoor activites are the main attraction as well as the art and culture.

Taos has long been known as a historical crossroads of three diverse cultures. The Pueblo Indians have made this area home for over a thousand years. The Spanish Conquistadors made their way here in the 1500s and left their influence, which is still seen today in the architecture, festivals, and culture. The European influx came in the 1700s with trappers, traders, and adventurers. Since the early 1900s, the Taos area has been home to many famous people, such as Georgia O'Keefe, who come here for the inspiration that the land and people offer.

One-to-One Intensive

Tipi at Wolfwalker Retreat Center
Tipi w/ double rainbow at Retreat Center

The One-to-One Intensives require a high level of commitment to change habitual patterning. 95 % of our consciousness is from the subconscious so we are actually living out our days unconsciously.
The sub conscious mind is the habitual mind. We keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. You must be willing to look at your life in a different way and to adopt new views and new techniques. You will be asked to push yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The medicine wheel teachings will give you a method with which you can trace a problem or habitual pattern. This requires strong focus and the ability to view a challenge from a new perspective. The Medicine Walk will challenge you physically and emotionally while you gather the medicine that comes your way from invisible help. Trusting and accepting what comes could challenge you spiritually. The purification lodge will support all that you are processing. Ceremony allows you to safely say goodbye to that which no longer supports you and welcoming in that which is new and perhaps unknown. The universe will always fill a void. The void that you create by letting go will promptly fill up again. So let us fill it consciously this time! The Talking Circle, Prayer and Meditation periods will support the processing also.

Intensives are just that, intense. This program is not designed as a vacation or a chance to get away. You will be challenged  emotionally, physically & spiritually.  What you learn here are tools that have been used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Shamanic techniques that empower you to be your own Master and Healer. You will spend a lot of time outside with Mother Earth and in communion with all that is around you. You will detoxify through the high altitude, the land, teachings, the ceremony, the pace, and some fasting.  A trip to the hot springs at Ojo Caliente is also included.

One to One requires that you spend about 8 hours a day (some nights) working with your guide Silver Wolf. This retreat is 4 days. It is highly advised that you come to Taos at least one day early to acclimate to the high altitude and energy of Taos. It is also highly advised that you stay for 1-2 days after the Retreat to quietly process and absorb all that you have experienced, so give yourself one week off. We can recommend places to stay before or after the Retreat.  There are many motels and B&Bs in Taos. A condo 15 minutes away is available at $130 per night. Ojo Caliente Hot Springs, (varying rates) is about 30 minutes away from the retreat center.

No smoking, drugs, or alcohol allowed during the retreat.

Sacred Visioning Solo Quest

Sacred Visioning Solo Quest
Solo Quest participant in medicine wheel near a sweat lodge

Take the time to stop and listen to your higher self. This is an opportunity to put everything aside - all responsibilities, everyday stresses, and concentrate on YOU! This solo quest is not easy, but very rewarding. You will be fasting, praying, and listening to the guidance of your body and spirit inside the sweat lodge [above]. Many people have used this ancient way to make peace with issues in their lives that have not been addressed. Or maybe it is time for a major change and you need to contemplate the highest way in which to make this change. The lodge is a very safe and comforting way in which to seek vision or council. Your ancestral self emerges and Mother Earth seems to pull you in. The smell of herbs on the hot rocks soothes and heals the physical and emotional body. The physical body is being given a rest through fasting. It is also difficult to quest in the lodge, in that the body is detoxing, addicitions are not being fed, and the emotions can come up. Being with just Self can be challenging in that we have so many distractions in our everyday lives that most of us have never really met the REAL self.

Upon completing the quest you will find great appreciation and gratitude for the smallest things in life. There will be some processing and integration after the quest and the fast will be broken with a light meal. An extra day of rest or soaking in the Hot Springs is recommended before going home.

There are recommended instructions in preparing yourself before you agree to do this. They will be sent to you upon commitment. Everything that you need will be provided. One person only for 1 or 2 days: $400.00 (A longer quest is available to people who have quested before and who have fasted longer than 2 days. Please inquire.)

Personal Consultations

Silver Wolf is available for personal consultations. If you are planning a short trip to Taos or would like a phone consultation, please call 575-770-0497 for an appointment: $90.00


"Safely returned from your Sacred Land, filled with knowledge, joy, illumination and a stronger connection to Spirit... we are so thankful for what you did for us and the wonderful Spirit of your teachings."

Narayan & Kathryn February 2006
Four Day Retreat

"Words can not describe how I feel upon completing this two day quest. This has been one, if not the most profound experiences of my life. One that I will carry with me forever, and continue to learn from in all my experiences that follow. I found a complete sense of awe and renewal upon emerging back into the world ... finding such joy from the simplest things in life."

John March, 2006
Two Day Solo Quest

"While walking the Medicine Wheel with Silver Wolf, I realized that this experience was to be more challenging than I had considered... once in the lodge for the solo quest...I continued to focus on prayer and rythmn, the rain began. The more I prayed for the Earth and the people, the more it rained. I called for my parents, grandparents, and any souls that were present to support my prayers...the thunder increased... I used the rattles and took comfort in the buffalo robe that Silver Wolf had left for me... my own music began to take voice....one song regarding my own initiation came and one for all the world, "after the rain washes away all of the pain, we will remain..."

George, 2006
Solo Quest